Thursday, 25 May 2006


Suddenly I realized I never showed these... after the pinkish purple Nihongami painting

I made two more... here they are. I am trying something with traditional Japanese hair and make up, paint in a mixture of western style painting and Japanese sumi-e and combine that with traditional European lace and tule, which both to me evoke fairytales, dreams, prinsesses.
Traditional Western painting is (for me) not "dream like" enough, some how it´s too "material" for me. So I started to studie how to use ink and Japanese style of painting to get less "material" and more illusion. I think it works. How ever I often use acrylics instead of ink because ink fades so quickly... I think.

These two Nihongami ladies seem so pensive to me they deserve an extra layer of lace... Creating yet more illusions...
Mmm I should make more, get of my lazy butt, work less in the store and start picking up the arts again, it´s boiling inside. Might be good ^_^

It might also be a good idea to finally learn how to do my own site. It's kind of stupid I still use the old one. It's not correct and it's time I learned. My site I should be able to upload my own site this blogger thing is easy but not the right place for work is it? hihi


Anonymous said...

I didn't see this before? They are so pretty!

I love the lady looking down (the second one) so much! She looks so serene and graceful. All the lines look so gentle in the picture! It's so beautiful *smile*

Misuchi said...

Thank you! You made my day ^_^

Joann said...

Wow---Your paintings are beautiful!
(I got on your site by mistake, but
I'm glad I did!) Have a nice day!

Misuchi said...

Thank you Joann! How fun you found this blog by mistake, I am glad you liked it ^_^ If you like you can see more of my work here: