Friday, 16 September 2005

Oh no!

I can't find my striped hitoe or my blue hitoe...! Where did I put them? It's really weird because I am so particular about my kimono. Hitoe season is almost over!

Not that I could wear them since I have been painting like crazy in order to escape the rain ^_^ And practicing traditional Japanese make up in several styles. I didn't take pictures of all, only of the subdued geisha style, almost princes or bride like.

I want to do more with Japanese hairstyles in my work, because I really love them and I thought I could use them in my created worlds sometimes it seems these overly cultivated styles add to a dream, a fictional world, as does the make up.
I love to use the make up because it's so unreal, it makes us doll like and like fairies with a cool skin.

Well just trying things ^_^


Online Web Solutions said...
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Tom said...
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Raks Hime said...

Let me guess, spam attack above?
By the way, your make-up looks great. I bet it would be really easy for you to wear a katsura since your hair is so short. Someone posted a link to a museum devoted to hairstyles and hair ornaments on the Gaijin Geisha forum. They sell a book-If you don't already have it, you might be interested. I might be able to dig up the link for you.

Misuchi said...

Yes spam *cry*
And thank you ^_^
Yes I own the book a friend of mine took it back for me when he was in Japan *drool* and I actually own two katsura *blush*
The "geisha" in this post is me
As for the hair, it doesn't really matter, it's ctually a pain to get the small short hairs in the back of my neck out of the way... I need to "paste" them away using bintsuke abura (the wig and face pomade).

PuchiMaiko said...

I always love how you do your make-up - you do such a beautiful job! I wish I could get make-up perfect like that :)

Sakura said...

you look so pretty! i love your lips! what kind of make up did you use? i'm trying to look for some but havent been able to find any yet =(

Misuchi said...

Hey, I use the traditional make up... I can't find the links, but look in google for "oshiroi" and it might pop up. Tis seller on eBay sells complete kits, very useful: