Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Blue Stripes

My blue and white painted striped hitoe kimono looks very cool ^_~ I paired her today with a blue tsumugi hitoe obi. I was afraid the two shades of blue would clash, but I do not think so. My nagajuban is ro silk as is the han eri. I added ro silk corn yellow obi jime and obi age. Ro silk because i believe obi age is considered like underwear and underwear should be ro now ^_^
I like how the soft yellow makes a subtle contrast with the blues but also seems to tie the two different blues together... Now I need zori with yellow hanao.
Now I only hope I am not the only one thinking this combi evokes cool feelings ^_~ And I look a little blue, am not actually only dressed in blue ^_^
And I wanted to show my new wig... New? No not quite I bought the wig in December but never took it out in order to take some pictures, so now then. I wanted to look like a samurai's wife *blush* I watched a samurai movie and drool... The samurai where so handsom and the ladies so pretty I loved how they showed a lot of han eri and a lot of nape. Now, I did not really do that but, made an effort. Later when it's less warm I'll try again...
The wig is a geisha style too. I have a takashimada which is the wig with the very high bun and the style that is used for brides too. This wig is the "crushed" shimada so the bun is smaller. I like it more then the taka shimada. This wig looks better on me too I think, it seems more becoming. Never mind I love it!


Aimee said...

Hello! I've been admiring all of your kimono! I'm trying to learn proper kitsuke and your blog is very informative!

I hate to bother you, but I'm so curious, how do you find your Ro accessories (like juban, obi, etc...?) I have a Ro furisode and I'm having such a hard time finding things to match it. I'd like to try hard to have proper kitsuke...

Thanks so much, I'll continue to enjoy your photos.

Misuchi said...

No problem, you are not bothering me at all, really you don't. I buy most my things at eBay and Ichiroya (in my links) Is my favourite on-line kimono store. They are always very helpfull, as are the sellers I link in "accessories"
I am glad you like my humble photo's I'll try to make more, I am just too busy lately and have no internet at home... sadely

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