Saturday, 20 May 2006


different obi with my black wool. Red with yellow accessories, very traditional my dear friend said. So, good for me ^_^ again with red lipstick. I think I do like it... Sometimes. Have to get used to it again I guess.
Hopefully the weather will clear so I will feel more like playing with my silk hitoe kimono, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

This one is very cute, too :) With this combi, it would be cute if you wore a traditional apron and used a red koshihimo to tie your sleeves back :)

Have you tried a yellow obi with the red obi age/jime?

Which colors do you like better? You look happier in the earlier picture?

Misuchi said...

I like the first best with the soft green obi and red accessories. The red and yellow are cute but maybe a bit much for me, but I like it.
How stuppid of me! I have this striped apron... next time. No yellow obi... or yes the obi age is actually a heko obi *blush* hihi do not own any yellow obi age (yet) or I could use a yukata obi I have those in yellow, that would be ok for wool hitoe wouldn't it? mmm next time I have some time to play with my kimono...

Anonymous said...

You can't tell it's a heko obi at all! Cool!

Yep :) You can use a yukata obi. It's just a hitoe hanhaba after all :)

A striped apron would be really cute!

NYC Geisha said...

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I go between kawaii, geisha, and personal observations but I'm going to add your badass geisha page!