Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas kimono

For the Christmas  pop up shop by MLBGalerie 
I dressed in a kimono. This black kimono with red woven swirling lines is very informal, but to most western eyes the red and black have a very festive feel to it and of course a strong Christmas connotation.

To enhance this Christmas spirit I paired the kimono with a red and black obi, white and red obi-jime (to add some lightness) and a red obi-age.

The han-eri is a very simple but striking looking red with gold embroidered flowers and the tabi socks have maneki-neko pattern, for luck ;-)

Little bells for decorating the packages became ear-rings. But as they where to heavy on my ears they soon transferred to the obi-jime as decoration.

Berber Kimono

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Kyuukaryuko said...

Love it! Soo late in seeing this post ;-|