Thursday, 19 December 2013

Blue Rose

One day in Tokyo I wanted to go to a vintage kimono shop in Shimokitazawa.
After walking, (window) shopping, walking, coffee, walking, lunch... and more I just couldn't find the shop.

I had been there before, but couldn't ask for the place, I didn't remember the name, as I always call it "The Shop with the Girl with the Pretty Hair" as last time I was there a girl with a gorgeous nihongami (traditional Japanese hairstyle) hairstyle was working there.

Then I saw a girl hurying with take away food in vintage kimono and thought, let's follow her, she will surely be working in this place...
and yes she was, shop found!

So my tip when searching kimono shops, follow the kimono clad girl ^_^

Again, I forgot the shops name, but it's really fun, packed with stacks of kimono and obi and komono laying about everywhere, it's untidy and chaotic but with a nice selection.

Sadly all kimono I liked where too small (of course)
But after a long long thorough searching spree I found this white and blue yabane (Feathers of Arrow) pattern.

It was almost long enough, but with this pattern, those colours and the sturdy feel of the silk, I was contemplating to get her.

When I went through the obi piles (always after going through the kimono piles) I saw many embroidered obi I really really liked,  this blue white flower obi with big red roses caught my eye  with subtle embroidery...
Seeing the two together I really wanted them, so my last buy in Japan was this kimono and obi set and it's the first I put on the doll.

I really love the freshness of this combination it reminds me of a fresh mid winter morning. It could be nice for a antique and fabric shopping stroll followed by coffee and cake?

Fun little explanation about yabane I didn't hear before found on the Bokunan-do website: 
-Feathers of Arrow-
This pattern means as "Let's go!!"
In old days, bride's parents hand Kimono of this pattern to their daughter.
Because arrows will never come back after being released (It means " never divorce / never part" )

Berber Kimono


Walter said...

It looks gorgeous ! I like the reasoning behind the yabane :)

Clarisse said...

Had a great time reading this post. Sort of made me feel for a while I was there, too, following that girl who works in the shop. Love the unexpected combination of the yabane Japanese kimono and the floral obi. The obi is a treasure, too!

Marsha said...

If you don't mind telling me, after seeing the girl with food in vintage kimono did you write down the address and name of the shop? I'd like to know and visit someday!

Berber Oostenbrug said...

Hi Marsha,

I am sorry but I did not, but Shimokitazawa is not that big, you should be able to find it, it is near by the tram tracks.