Saturday, 10 September 2011

Shibu Onsen

Getting a key for 9 onsen and stroll the streets of Shibu Onsen in Ryokan yukata and geta togheter with a lot of domestic tourists ^_^ was the best experiance!
until late at night you can hear the clicker-di-clack of the geta
and from 6 in the morning you hear it again.
I know, it's early, but it was incredibly charming! really!

And lucky, lucky, there was a festival!
Fun to see and experience.
Sadly, even in these tiny, old towns, cars are allowed, which does kind of amazes me (not in a positive way) as the main road is just a one minute walk.
On the other-hand, it's not a museum.

The other big tourist stop: Monkeys!
Yes they do go in the water, but I guess, now in summer time, it's just because there's food.
Probably in wintertime they like the warm water

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