Monday, 5 September 2011

Kimono Club Tokyo!

In Tokyo I had a lot of meetings and a lot of things I wanted to do, but this was my favourite!

Thank you Shino and all Kimono Club ladies!
I got a real warm welcome, with wonderful food, sadly I could only bring "stroopwafels" (a Dutch cooky treat) and no real food.

Any way, it was wonderful to meet the ladies and to see some of them again, after meeting the first time in 2009 at moments like this I wish I lived there and could go every month!

Apart from the food there was dancing! I loved it. And talking in English with many Japanese ladies, it was so much fun, even though the Jetlag was still severe and the moisty heat and Typhoon kind of played tricks with my sanity ^_^

I was wearing my new Asanoha Mamechiyo Modern summer kimono, paired with the asa obi I just bough in Ginza, a bright blue obi-jime and a make-do hanjuban and leggings, as I didn't find a nagajuban jet.
The leggings where actually a pretty good thing to wear under kimono at this season, as it prevented my legs from sticking to each-other ^_^ I wasn't the only one that evening who thought so! Yay for modern, practical kimono wearing!


Shino said...

Oh I just found this post. Thank you so much coming my house and join Tokyo kimono club!
Yeah leggings, suteteko in Japanese, what a funny word!, are so comfortable. I am wearing it even now! haha.

Misuchi said...

Me too!!! And I love the word suteteko, funny indeed!