Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kimono Spotting at Tenjin-san

After finishing my shopping at Tenjin-san
Kimono spotting!

A beautiful autumn themed kimono and obi ensemble between piles and piles of kimono/obi

An elegant lady at the flea-market, what a suprise!

Pretty styles

And suddenly, the modern girls came sopping too, I love her diagonally striped kimono


iliusuili said...

good blog! I love your style! :D came here from minna no kimono but I think I'll check it more often :)

Misuchi said...

Thank you ^_^

Saiya-chan said...

Wow what a lovely kimono's and so many! Especially that rocking horse obi. I've never seen one like that before :) It's also very nice to see some ladies wearing a kimono with cute boots.

Misuchi said...

Isn't it great?! There where so many ladies in kimono this time around, not only here at the market but all over Kyoto. Maybe it's getting (even) more popular, or it was the weather, as it wasn't extremely hot at the end of September, I don't know, but great it was!
I also saw a lot of girls (and boys!) who obviously participated in a kimono-plan, (rented kimono worn to special places taking a walk and photographs)wonderful to see!