Saturday, 30 April 2011


I think I had this yukata for over 6 years and never wore it.

But now it was Queensday and we celebrated with friends from Japan, so...

Finally I could wear my orange yukata to Vondelpark, where Queensday is still fun even when you're with children, or especially.

Apart from the checkered han-eri I kept it quit low key as for me this yukata is pretty obnoxious it was fun to wear kimono again, I feel sad I am too busy and tired to wear any lately, but this whole long day made it ok ^_^


Yimei said...

the checkered han-eri is so nice!
I like it!

have a nice kimono life again!

yieldforkimono said...

I love the colors of the yukata, very bright and cheerful! (Especially with the green bag)

I am glad to see you wearing kimono again :)