Saturday, 21 May 2011


Finally I picket-up my kimono sorting/cataloging process.
This time I use a different (I think smarter) approach.

As much as possible I try to photograph them by type, I take the pictures in my bedroom so I can use the tatami.
But the main reason is, I need to take my futon away, so, I need to tidy everything up again in order to sleep.

After taking the pictures I make them into thumbnails straight away and put them in my digital document.
No measuring, maybe this I will try one at the time when I wear them, because, it takes too much time!

Last picture is me in Kyoto showing the best summer kimono. Saw it while cataloging and it's still great, super soft silk great condition, long and bold pattern/colours =(^.^)=


Kyuukaryuko said...

Very bold pattern, but beautiful ^_^
I'm too scared to buy kimono with bold patterns, should try to find a pretty one though...

Misuchi said...

Oh you should, you have the age for it (I don't, but don't care ^_^)