Monday, 6 September 2010


Takegawara Spa
After going into "my" area, behind the red curtain is the woman's bath ^_^ and taking a wonderful (onsen) bath with old Japanese ladies, a well-deserved rest in the large resting area of this great old sento with spring water in Beppu. Drinking cold thee from one of the million fending machines of Japan.

This sento is not only a bathhouse, you can also take a "sand-bath". Behind the curtain (red for me) you have to change into a yukata provided by the sento, go trough another curtain, lay down in the sand and get covered by a lady in hot volcanic sand. Its sooo relaxing!

They are commercializing, so only 10 minutes!
Never mind that, sweat was pouring down my face and I felt myself get red like a tomato. Probably it's good for you ^_^

After relaxing for long time (it was hot!) Taking a long walk up the hill, away from the city to visit the lunch onsen, Ichinoide.
What a great place!

The water is baby blue, the view over the city gorgeous, the sauna (left) great (though a bit weird to do with an outside temperature of 38C) And then, after bathing in this gorgeous blue water that makes your skin feel like baby skin...


ROTA said...

I envy you, hope you had a great time and enjoyed the trip.

Misuchi said...

Yes it was the best time ever! You go soon I hope!