Monday, 27 September 2010

Tenjin shopping

As I am in Japan no real updates. I do wear kimono everyone's in a while, but have no photo editing program on this notebook, so after I get home I will post one by one.
But this is too funny!
On Gobo-san market was one kimono I really wanted, but alas too expensive for me.
Later at Tenjin Market the same seller talked to me (her costumers actually they recognized me from Nanao (or my blog?) Sadly we couldn't really talk, but it was fun anyway:
if anyone feels like translating... please do!
(PS Translating has been done, and it is the same story I told, they recognized me from Nanao especially from riding the bicycle in kimono ^_^)
The lady has a wonderful collection, please check it:

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Hiro said...


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I am pleased to read your blog. Very intersting.

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