Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bara Yakko

As it was the last day calligrapher Asako and her sweet daughter Akari where here I dressed in a rose patterned kimono.
This because Asako gave me a new name Bara Yakko, which if I understand her correctly means something like Rose Friend, or Friendly Rose.
So, rose kimono it was. This polyester kimono has been lying in my closet since the first time I went to Japan, what a shame!
Confession: I have great troubles unwrapping etc. completely new, super fresh kimono and accessories. I just love it when they have their tags, stitches etc. ...
But, for this special occasion, and because it is a real shame this kimono never saw some day light, I unwrapped her. It's quite difficult I experienced to wear these rather cheap, kind of slippery synthetic kimono *sigh*
But I managed. things need to be tightened more and everything is quit ok, but not easy. During the day everything slipped on me...
I paired this blue-ish grey kimono wit hints of super soft green and lilac, first with a dark hanhaba obi with purple and pink accessories. Which seemed ok . But when I put her on the doll after I thought, I light obi might be more fun...
so blue-ish green obi age and green obi jime, yes, more springtime.
The nagajuban is also super soft green which matches really nice, but it is silk, maybe that is causing the slippery problems... (?)

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Kyuukaryuko said...

That is such a lovely kimono, I love it! Both obi look good with it, but the dark one gives it a bit more contrast.