Thursday, 22 April 2010

red black white

Kimono for the opening day of the shop I work at.

I choose Mamechiyo's Candy Stripe because it is chic.
For "cross-culture" I chose my Tulip obi.
Paired with red accessories and my chic black and white striped geta from Tokyo I think I looked nice for the opening party o a new chic and fun Japanese shop in Amsterdam.

The architect is next to me in sweet white and red wool, paired with an black obi, red harts date eri and green accessories, everything chosen to make her look more funky, as she is a funky lady.

Weird look of my back, I didn't know my obi was that crumbled!
What a shame!
I walked around like this for the whole evening.

All in all, it was great to wear kimono again after months of rebuilding and re-organizing the shop ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

As usual you look very iki, despite the crumbled obi ^_^
Did you have a good opening?
Oja, I've emailed you last week about the Japan Markt in Leiden... Everything allright verder?

Diane said...

You both look lovely! Glad to see a new update :D

Kimono Magic said...

Hello Misuchi,
I was invited to your event in Japan, by Lyuta, do you remember him? But I couldn't go because I was working. I hope I get to meet you next time. I have just started a blog about kimono activities in Japan, so maybe you would like to follow kimonomagic. I think we also share the same favourite book, The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon. What a fashionista she was!!! I will follow your blog.

Misuchi said...

The opening was fine, despite me not liking openings ^_^ even more, long working days ugh!
Verder everything goed! ^_~

Thanks Diane, I hope, now with all the work finished, i get more changes to wear kimono, or, have more energy left to wear kimono ^_^

Hi, sure I remember Lyuta, what a shame you couldn't make it, maybe next time? I'll be in Tokyo late September, would be nice to meet you, I am curious if you are the lady who wrote an article in Daruma...
I'll follow your blog and hopefully meet you in Tokyo one day.
Maybe I liked Murasaki's book even more... you too?

kimonosa said...

I love your red polka-dot juban! I so beautiful!!!

Aki_fox said...

I love your black and white kimono very lovely it is!

Aki_fox said...

I think you have a very nice style! Very chic, I look foward to seeing more of your outfits.

shino said...

Congratulations your shop opening! I saw your shop's photos too. What a cool design and it is more Japanese than those in Japan. So now you can find time to post about your kimonos on your blog. It is always fun to see how you wear kimonos. See you in late September!