Monday, 3 May 2010

Silver ume

Next to blue, as being my favourite colour, grey comes quite close...
especially this kind of deep silver blue-ish grey.
This kimono is sumptuous, shiny, soft silk with rinzu bamboo pattern, fluffy ume blossoms who do not look the standard but stylized, funky and plump. Sleeves to the knees, what would a girl want more...?
I bought this piece at Gobo-san market Kyoto, the very sweet sales girl warned me for stains on the colour, if I was sure(?) Yes I was, the kimono was cheap and I just loved the colour and pattern. The girl being so concerned was sweet, her stall had amazing kimono but rather out of my budget, this one did fit the bill.

A view days later I did buy a more expensive one at her stall... at the other market ^_^

I paired this fluffy kimono with a fluffy obi ^_^ In this one, plump chrysanthemums (I think) I think it's cute. Amazingly I had this obi age and zori in almost the same colour as the outline of the ume and an obi jime in the background colour of the kimono.
All in all, one of my new favourites.

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