Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Winter Bamboo

Red white and blue antique kimono.
I was so happy when Ryujiro-san put this one on sale last year.
I was eying her for a long time, but.. decided she was out of my league. then the sale came...
And she was mine ^_^
And now, finally I had a change to wear her.
A cold clear morning to work.
I paired her with a whitish obi, red obi-jime and age and black with red geta. Wide white han-eri and ready was my Dutch national colours kimono.
Which I had not realized, I did only after one of my colleagues pointed it out to me *Duh*! He said, just add some orange and you can go to a soccer game. Eeeew!
Still, I really like this kimono, and this ensemble.

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Aichi said...

I really like sasa as motif!
Nice ensemble. :D

I have also linked your blog on my own right here: