Friday, 6 November 2009

Cycling again

For Nanao magazine I took these pictures.
As they really wanted to see pictures of kimono on a bicycle (in Amsterdam)
Sadly this afternoon I felt really sick, but for a change it wasn't raining and they need the pictures next Tuesday!

So, I put on my Dutch kimono, with silk dyed obi which I bought because she seemed extremely Dutch. (think Dutch -Frisian- sitsen)

I added the "pearl" obi-jime, because even pearls have a Dutch connotation with them.

And my azuma skirt, the closed susoyoke for dancing, as I told then this is what i always wear in The Netherlands because it keeps my legs covered while on the bicycle.

Lace tabi and obi-age (again, lace is an important aspect of Dutch costume)

And for fun, cycling under the "apple" tree, yes, it's extremely fake ^_^ see the bananas and grapes too?


Nanohana said...

(*0*) Oh my good! Are you going to be featured in Nana-o magazine??
I always buy it, though this year still haven't purchased the autumn and winter issues.
It's the article about you in the winter one?

Misuchi said...

thank you so much!
Yes I am in the December issue.
Cool isn't it? I love Nanao too and buy them when ever I can, but to be in it...
For now I am still waiting for my copy.

Nanohana said...

Then, I have one reason more for buying it. ^__^
It's so exciting!

Congratulations again!