Saturday, 19 December 2009


At my job we had a Bonenkai-party "Forget the year party" on Friday evening.
Obviously I wanted to wear kimono.
Because it was a cooking party I opted for save wool kimono in dark colours and a silver synthetic obi.

But, Christmas colours, so even though it was a very informal kimono, the colours would associate Christmas and the festiveness of the silver hanhaba obi would take away the informal-ness of the wool.

It was a very informal party, so all was fine.
The kimono was covered by an apron as the teacher was worried ^_^

The wool was nice and warm (also obviously I chose an awase nagayuban) The only thing... the feet, how to warm the feet?
My toes get so gold this time of year, then when ever I wear kimono I have to press them against the heater for several minutes. Any tips out there? Except wearing shoes outside (which I sometimes do, especially when everything outside is wet)


Katherine said...

Can you find "kaero" foot warmers there? In Japan you can get them at any convenience store. They have an adhesive strip that you can stick to the bottom of your toes. They use a chemical reaction to heat up when you open the package and stay warm for six to eight hours or so. It's the only way I can stand tabi and geta in the winter time!

Diane said...

You look beautiful! I love how you've crossed your obi slightly, it adds such a chic touch to the outfit, so effortlessly casual and stylish.

Misuchi said...

Oh thank you, I am going to look for kaero next time, sounds wonderful.
I know about the "cold pads" Shino put them on my arms in Tokyo when it was so hot and it was wonderful! I can imagine hot pads on your toes will also be wonderful.

Thank you Diane, that is a big compliment! I want to look effortless, well, I feel like that, but it is great to know it looks like it too.
The criss-cross obi is partly because older hanhaba are not wide enough for my proportions. But also because I feel it looks vintage ^_^

Katherine said...

Just one other idea... why not skip white cotton tabi and wear velveteen or polyester in winter? The velvet or velveteen tabi are kind of retro; when I wore mine, a woman said she had worn them as a child in the 50s. Polyester tabi (Sou Sou makes nice thick ones) come in all sorts of fun, modern prints and are definitely a little warmer!