Friday, 2 October 2009


I love Tokyo!

Look at the tall buildings, they go up and up and up and there are so many....
Picture taken from the roof of Mori building. When going to the Mori museum you can buy a museum ticket, in the museum you actually have a great view on Tokyo already, but if you want to see more, for 300 extra you can go up on the roof.

This picture was taken from the hotel. This time the room was on the fifth floor, meaning: with a view! And an elevator that talked... it said: "going up/down" and go-kai/i-kai arimasu. At least that's what I think ^_^

On Monday I joined Mamechiyo in an interview and she told me to wear kimono... after the interview (which was manly about kawai-ness, and I had a very hard time explaining why kawai isn't a big issue in Europe and that I personally would feel quite offended if some one would call me kawai ^_^) anyways, after that she took me to her Shinjuku store, which is really pretty and I could have my picture taken with the dolls ^_^

Even in the rain I loved Tokyo, though it made kimono wearing much harder, Shino talked me into it when we went walking around Tokyo and visiting Mrs Ikeda's store it was so special, she had the best vintage kimono ever. But, 50.000 yen for the gorgeous green kimono I loved, was just a bit too much, maybe one day...

And this was on Friday when I gave a small speech about kimono love in Europe and me wearing kimono (to my job) Shino was sweet enough to arrange this meeting for me and I met lot's of kimono lovers, one of them spook Dutch! And he makes kimono too.

After the small speech I was interviewed by Nanao Magazine. Which was so great! My favourite magazine wanted to interview me, also arranged by Shino ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

Oh, it looks like you had a lot of fun on this trip, and lots of kimono-buying!
Did you see the earlier interview in the magazine you gave already (on your first trip)?

I'm jealous ^_~

Misuchi said...

Yes we had lots o fun this time, even more then the first time.
We had more time too, so that helped.
The earlier interview was on this same trip and I am hoping to see both magazines next week... *crosses fingers*