Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tokyo speech ensemble

For the speech in Tokyo I decided on a blue kimono with sitsen obi (bought from Ichiroya)
I added lace tabi, obi-age and pearl obi-jime to enhance the Dutch-ness.
I wanted a checkered kimono, white and blue but didn't find one.
I did find this )probably) asa semi open eave blue kimono.
Obviously completely wrong as it is full summer time, but the weave was quite close so it could look like hitoe... hum well yeah... not really.
But, colour-wise and for Dutch-ness, it was the best option.
Nobody seemed to bother.

The kimono man is Mr. Lyuta Ito
I was surprised to see a kimono clad man, even in japan they seem to be rather rare. Even more surprising, Mr. Ito spook Dutch! He sews kimono, or, is a professional kimono maker.
So, dear kimono wearing men, if you can, buy a kimono from him, he can give style advice too ^_^ maybe also ladies, i forgot to ask if he had a specialty.


Susonauta said...

Hello I've been reading your blog since one month but is my first comment. I usually have nothing to say but today I have an excuse there some kind of mistake in Mr Lyuta link

Misuchi said...

thank you.
I think I fixed it now.