Friday, 25 September 2009


As it was hot, really hot, I didn't wear kimono in Kyoto ones.
But, as always Kyoto was great and pretty!
Despite the heat I went to two temple markets and bought many kimono. But, I must admit, I actually prefer shopping at kimono stores...

Near Gion the sun set was really pretty.
I wasn't the only one.
Blond haired Japanese tourists seem to thinks so too ^_^

Lunch in a zen temple was again great, the food is soooo good!
After lunch, I saw bamboo groves! Finally! So pretty and big and impressive and gorgeous!

Just a little too early for the full glory of autumn colours... but even the hint of what would come was perfect to me.

Last evening in Kyoto I decided to take the tourist shot after all, Kyoto tower looked so pretty at night.
And last morning in Kyoto, coffee and lunch with Gary.
Again a wonderful meal, with brown rice! And now I know it is called genmai in Japan, mmm brown rice ^_^


Katie said...

Ah, what a small world! I was in Kyoto in October as part of a group tour organized by Gary's business associate Nancy (of Kyoto Kimono). When were you there? I recently finished uploading my photos from the trip and now I'm just beginning to write up a day-by-day account of my trip. We went to two temple markets (Kobo-san and Tenjin-san) as well, but somehow I didn't pick up any kimonos. I too prefer kimono shopping in stores where things are organized and in good condition.

Misuchi said...

oh yes real small world ^_^
You took a lot of pictures really great, I never take enough.
It seems a trend just missing Nancy, in spring I was there also just two weeks before her, too bad I would really love to meet her, maybe next time.