Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

For the last day of the year I decided to wear something quite formal.
My bubbles kimono!
I was happy and quite surprised that it looked ok with blond hair too.
Boss-lady loved it, so I am happy. She likes formal/quiet kimono...
To be honest I liked the pinkish obi I wore with this kimono last time better, but this one is ok. The colours are actually like the kimono, which doesn't really show in the picture, maybe due to the lamp lights(?)
Same goes for the obi-jime, in real live it looked ok, as the colour is like the detail in the kimono, but with this fake light it looks quite different.

I also need to practice dressing in bigger kimono too ^_^
Now it looks a bit crooked ^_^
Could be from the bike-ride and long, busy working day...

The obi looks a bit beaten too...
Sigh... wearing kimono is hard work.

The zori arn't as formal as they should be, but the colour is right and they looked cute.
I couldn't find the pink ones that should go with it...
yes, it's a mess again ^_^


Susonauta said...

¿do you take your own photos?

molla said...

What wonderful set! I try to know as much as possible about kitsuke and your blog is really helpful in it.
Greeting from Poland

Misuchi said...

yes I do ^_^

Thank you! ^_^

Susonauta said...

very impressive! specially the bicycle shots

ROTA said...

It's a beautiful colour combination but I think a dark-red obi would also be pretty.
Was it not cold outside?

Kyuukaryuko said...

The pinkish obi looks very good on this kimono, but this one also. That's a really nice obi by the way, I love that off-centred big stripe on the musubi.
And it does look goed with blond hair ^_^

Misuchi said...

oh, haha, the bicycle shots I do not take myself, only the inside ones ^_^

yes a dark red could be nic, next year...(?)
it's ok, I wear leggings two tabi socks and a wool cape, all the layers keep me warm, kimono actually is perfect for winter time, better then my usual dresses ^_^

Thank you, I love this obi too, she's one of my favourites, but hard to match non formal kimono.
Thanks, I am glad you like her with blond too ^_^