Thursday, 27 December 2007


Yes a new kimono and because of the bubbles pattern perfect for Christmas... I think. It’s a grey rinzu kimono with stripes in the silk.

The pattern is lilac pink-ish with gold icy stars and... bubbles! Or drops or see-trough balls, it’s so pretty! There is a signature too, I really love her. Even though I think it's hard to dress in shiny rinzu and it makes me look bigger then I am. Still I like the kimono a lot and she seems very chique to me. I paired her with a lovely soft lilac/pink crème fukuro obi and accessories in almost the same lilac tone as in the ice flower pattern, sometimes I feel lucky.

Also, I installed my "studio-in-a-box" that’s how I could take these pictures... I dressed after dinner so it was dark already, but I had lights, and I managed to get them working too, I feel so proud ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

That is indeed a very chic kimono, and the bubbles are cute! Are they on top of the kimono? Very funny and pretty. And the accessoires are just perfect for the kimono and obi.
By the way, I'll try to email you this week ^_^

Kyuukaryuko said...

I've looked at your pictures again, and you look just gorgeous in this kimono!

Misuchi said...

Thank you!
Yes the kimono is lovely and I am lucky to have so many accessories that there was a perfect one. The bubbles are painted on, just make believe drops.

Sweetpersimmon said...

I just found your blog and thank you for posting photos of you in your kimono. I teach tea ceremony and part of the class is how to wear kimono properly. We just had our hatsugama (new year)event and I dressed the women in formal kimono. The men were dressed in kimono and hakama. If you'd like check out my blog for tea ceremony.

Thanks again.


Misuchi said...

Hi Margie,
thank you for your kind comment and I am glad you like my blog/kimono. As a big kimono lover I try as often to dress up as possible, not as often as I would like but still, often enough... I had a look at your blog, it's great! I study tea too, but do not really have talent, still I like chado a lot...

Jane said...

Another lovely kimono, I've become a regular visitor to the blog and have nominated you for a 'Make my Day' blogger award.


Jinx said...

it's a beautifull kimono. Where do you buy them?
Since a week or 2 i have a kimono for myself and still have a lot to learn.
So i will pay your blog on a regular basis.

Greetings Jinx

Misuchi said...

I usually buy them at (Japanese) online stores