Saturday, 19 September 2009


Landing on Kansai-airport, I thought it would be fun to spend at least one night in Osaka.
As the first time there I didn't really like it much. And, it's good to give cities a second change.
Probably due to the weather the firs time I thought Osaka a bit sleazy. But this time, shining in the bright late summer sun, I thought Osaka was futuristic modern and fun.

Going up 40 stories on Umeda sky building is exciting!
And fun to take fashion pictures ^_~

But, skyscrapers really are fascinating to me, as we have none and seeing these immensely huge Japanese cities from above is overwhelming. And so pretty!

This building itself is pretty, I was really stunned. Going up was thrilling with the open escalators and reaching the top, you see this reflection which evokes Tori. Which I thought very clever, combining the old with the new, just by suggestion.
I can see why people get married here, it's romantic.

For me a cup of coffee a view stories lower is romantic enough though ^_^

The old-fashioned pre-WWII Ryokan Houkouso was a super nice contrast.
Sleeping in a tatami room with a view on the small garden.
Japanese style breakfast (sooo good, and incredibaly cheap) in the old meeting room at a large table round a big fire place with above it, a (water) kettle. Of which, of course, I forgot to take pictures.


Kyuukaryuko said...

It looks like you had so much fun and enjoyed your trip. You look lovely on that deck on top of the sky building. And that reflection, very pretty and clever!

ROTA said...

Hope that you had a very good vacation and that the next time we'll meet, Anne and I can see the pictures of your trip.