Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ro komon

It promised to be a hot and wonderful day.
Most importantly: dry.
So I choose kimono again. My modern synthetic asanoha ro komon.

This time I paired her with a vintage ro fukuro.
Technically this might be a bit too formal for a komon. But I liked the combination.
In retrospect I think I liked the combination with the ro hakata more. But this was fun to try and also nice and dressy for work.

The accessories are ro too, purple and pink.
The zori are also purple and pink, lucky me.
I wish I had some of those gorgeous summer cloth or straw or woven something... type zori, but then the kind of formal ones! They pop-up every ones in a while, so I keep hoping ^_^

Luckily I didn't feel too hot. It was a quiet day so I didn't have to "run around" (I never do) but still, when dressed in kimono on a hot day you do not want to walk up and down stairs too often ^_~


shino said...

Beautiful obi! I like it very much. I heard from Ikeda-san, the oldest(?) antique obidome collector and wrote some obidome books, since summer in Japan has become hotter and hotter every year, less people wear kimono in summer. So lots of good summer obis loose the opportunity to be tied. That means, you can get better summer obi with cheaper price than winter's.

Kyuukaryuko said...

Such a sweet obi!
It's too bad there are so few occasions for me to wear kimono...