Wednesday, 12 August 2009

black yukata

Actually, I have nothing to add...
Feeling a bit sick, pfff... come on it's summer-time!
The whole ensemble looks a bit sloppy, I tried to wear an eri-sugata and it didn't work for me this time.
For some reason, the obi became sloppy too.
What happened?
Lucky for me, my colleagues and sister did actually like it ^_^
Me too, apart from the sloppy-ness and the somewhat weird coordination, I like the black white and hint of red. Next time I will dress more properly.


Kyuukaryuko said...

Nice yukata and beautiful obi!
I don't really think it's sloppy, I like it too.

Katie said...

Ah, I have that same yukata! Here's a photo of me wearing it; this was taken after a very hot, long day, so apologies for the sloppiness on my part, not to mention that you can see my hadajuban sleeve. I had been wondering what color obi would go well with it. I like your choice.

Misuchi said...

Thank you. I guess you are right, it's not that sloppy. During the day though... my collars kept shifting it was so annoying!

Yay for duplicate yukata, isn't it fun? Did you buy it from Ichiroya too? To be honest I do not really remember if I bought it from them, but must be as I buy most yukata there ^_^
I like your colour obi too, I guess any colour goes with this yukata, don't you think?
You don't look sloppy at all, just very cute.