Thursday, 20 August 2009

Red Yukata bubbles

My lovely red pink dotted yukata from Ichiroya arrived. And the weather being so summery I had to wear her to work, if only to show everybody there, I do not only have blue ^_~

Paired with a pink and creme yukata obi and pink geta making the whole ensemble even more candy like.

But, with green obi-jime to hold the musubi and to add some spice to the sweetness.

My boss teased me about the low collar: "that's nice, but only for geisha" he said. Yes, yes I know, but it's hot, I'm in The Netherlands, it must be ok!

I told him, Mamechiyo's husband told me it was indeed ok for western ladies (in The West) to wear their collars low, as it is pretty.
He added, when you are the host of a party, it's ok too, but do not show your shoulder-blades (like geisha kind of do).

1 comment:

Kyuukaryuko said...

Indeed candy!
I also like a low collar, but I still have to try it with your tips...