Friday, 21 August 2009

Blue ro Taisho

As dolly is wearing the new susohiki now (photo's will follow) I could wear my soft silk Taisho era ro silk kimono. I kind of (ahum) forgot how difficult it is to dress in these old super soft buttery silk kimono, that is a down side.
But, She's got it all (again). Blue silk, ro, silver stripes done by silver metallic threads, yellow bush-clover (shibory technique) and... longer sleeves.

I discovered this later (after returning home) but kind of thought, ah well lets leave them. Scared there would be discoloration etc. But seeing it on myself I realized making them longer would be much nicer. As just with the lower tied obi, longer sleeves look better when not being so tiny ^_^

Of course I paired her with the nagoya obi I intended for her. It's a ro silk yellow obi with embroidered bush-clovers.
Usually I am kind of reluctant to wear the same pattern on kimono and obi, but was told not to be so strict.
Besides, the size, look and feel of both are quite different.

Blue summer obi-jime and soft green summer obi-age and, lace tabi ^_^

Actually I was going to ask for advice, leave the sleeves, or repair them to their old state...? Here is the picture of one short sleeve one long. But I like the longer best! The only down side is, it needs ironing and a nagayuban with long sleeves *sigh*.


Kyuukaryuko said...

I would go for the long sleeves. That is just a perfect combination, the obi is gorgeous and the kimono to die for. Getting jealous again ^_^

Naomi said...

I'm afraid to say that I am completely and utterly biased because I always drop down sleeves if I can - but I say go for the long sleeves.

In addition to just being lush in the first place, I think it actually looks more in proportion with your height than the smaller sleeve.

Misuchi said...

That is exactly what I thought!
So they have been restored to their original length and ironed, now the kimono is even more gorgeous!

Non-Crowned Princess said...

Just wow!! =]