Sunday, 19 July 2009


Bold black sha kimono.
The colours are actually fuchsia with aqua blue (and silver) not blue and red.
Aqua blue hanhaba-obi in Kai no kuchi again.
Hot pink and black obi-jime, too short for me so tied in the back, yes I am missing an obi-dome, *sigh* it's on my wish list, but they are hard to find in something really versatile.
Piece of lace fabric as obi-age.

And a tip I got last year. When you are tall(er), tie the obi lower.
(I probably could have tied it even lower)
But more importantly for comfort (and when you actually have breasts, to prevent those hanging over the obi) tie the obi loose at the top.
So, place the obi-ita low on your belly, about three or four fingers under the navel and tilt the top forward, to help with this I sometimes put a rolled sock in the top of the obi-ita. Now, wrap the obi around quite tight, but only tight at the bottom so the top stays kind of open. Tie everything secure and remove the sock (or what ever you've put there).

The obi is now secure at the lower point and comfortably loose at the top. This way it is still possible to breath with ease, eat something and move around all day.

Also, there is a lot of space now for the obi-age and for what ever you want to put there, wallet, mobile, make-up(bag) etc.
I did exaggerate it a bit to show. But, I must say, when in Tokyo I actually saw a kimono shop owner dressed like that, the top was even more away from her and this huge household wallet fitted perfectly in the gap. As did various kimono ties and who knows what she might have felt she needed.


Kyuukaryuko said...

That's a pretty combination! And thank you for the tip. You already told me, but I still have to try it ^_^

KIDORAKU Japan said...

I really love this coordinate!
The blue obi is making the whole more vividly:)