Thursday, 16 July 2009


Blue and white yukata with purple yukata obi.
Blue and white obi-jime to hold the knot. Tied in a rose-like bow. I tied the obi in a standard bunko-musubi first, but it felt way too childish, so I tied it again and this time in kai-no-kuchi variation. Ah, that felt better ^_^
BB geta and I was off to work.
I guess my collegues and employers know, by now, I love blue the most ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

Very iki! And nice geta ^_^

~deedee~ said...

Hi, can I ask, if we were to dress a mannequin with a kimono, which side goes over which? the right over left or left over right?

Thanks, need to know it because we would like to display a kimono but was worried about making a mistake.

by the way, ur blog is lovely!

Misuchi said...

As with dressing a person, left goes over right. Like a man's shirt.
(the other way around is for death people)

Thank you!

~deedee~ said...


thanks for your advice! left over right it is then. =)

I had loads of fun reading ur blog =