Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blue ro

Fresh blue ro synthetic kimono with a classic pattern, looks like patch-work, all " different" fabrics with a different traditional pattern. Some sayagata, some asanoha etc.
Again the black silk nagoya obi in a course weave .
Lace tabi and soft lilac zori with embroidered straps.

Dolly is wearing a "new" antique ro silk kimono with yellow nagoya obi, both antique silk, both with bush-clover pattern both bought in Tokyo.

I found this kimono in a small store in Harajuku, but was doubting to buy her.
I left the store and went on.

In another store I saw this cute yellow nagoya and thought, she's perfect for that kimono!
So, I bought the (very cheap) obi and went back to the first store and checked... Yes I liked the combination and also bought the kimono.

Feeling happy *sigh*
I found another treasure for my (antique) collection


xiner said...

Beautiful outfits, both of them! Blue is one of my favorite colors for summer, it is so calming.

Misuchi said...

For me too!
And thank you ^_^

Kyuukaryuko said...

he kimono and obi on the dolly are.... stunning!

fraise said...

Both outfits are gorgeous ^_^

Your site is wonderful!

I thought you might enjoy this, it's a visit of the Sujiya-Cho Machiya in Kyoto. It's a mix of traditional Japanese and Western interior design, quite neat:

Misuchi said...

Thank you so much Fraise!
And also for the link, wow! I heard about these places but never actually saw one, maybe I can try a visit next time in japan, it must be so pretty!