Monday, 13 July 2009

Big sha stripes

Ikea again!
I love these fresh colours, Ikea colours, blue and yellow ^_^
With some white to add more freshness.

There are a view black stripes in this kimono so i thought a course black summer weave obi was ok.

This kimono is very small, so no ohashori let alone a decent wrist to wrist size.

Still I think it's a fun one, these vintage kimono are so pretty, I really like the long sleeves, though on this one they might be a bit too long for me, still it's ok I think as I am quit tall myself (in kimono world that is) in all other cases I am very average ^_^

To enhance the yellow I used yellow with white summer obi-jime and obi age, the obi-age is actually soft green, but almost yellow in appearance.


Jen said...

ohhh, wow! I would die for that striped kimono! It's so beautiful!

Misuchi said...

And it would fit you perfectly!
But don't die ^_^
It's "just" a kimono. ^_~
Keep your eyes open at eBay, kimono like this turn up quite regularly.