Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ro Asanoha Komon

Last week I received this cute, bright and bold polyester ro kimono from Ichiroya.
I love her! Thank you Yuka-san and Ichiro-san!
This kimono is large, and I mean really large. She's actually a bit taller hen me and the wingspan is actually ok ^_^
As this kimono is so bright and bold I looked for a calm obi, this soft pink hakata-ori seemed ok. But, I did not want to be boring, so bright purple summer obi-jime and even brighter pink summer obi-age.
I forgot to look for my lace tabi, but plain white seems just ok to me.
Though the lace might add to a summer feel.

Coincidentally I was reading a kimono blog, do not remember who's and she told being happy it was July (first) so she could wear ro and sha. She also mentioned that this wearing ro and sha is not as strictly anymore as it was. This, she added because of global warming, but she also mentioned, she still kept the first of July as the ro/sha changing date. Funny I just received Yuka-san's news-letter also talking about this season of ro and sha being allowed earlier and longer, not only July and August, but from mid June till till mid September! Lucky me ^_^ (though, I am a little bit like that Japanese girl, liking that first of July date...


xiner said...

Beautiful ensemble, I love the asanoha pattern and hakata together!
I also stick to hitoe until the first of July but I guess it's mostly because in Finland it often is too cold to wear a full usumono set in June :)

Jen said...

That obi is CUTE. <3

Kyuukaryuko said...

Ohh, I just love hakata obi, but still haven't got one. The komon is very pretty and bold pattern. Perfect combo with the 2 pinks and deeper purple? obijime. Love it.
Quick question though... how long does the juban have to be with a ro/sha kimono?

Misuchi said...

Thank you all!

You know Xiner, full usumono feels a bit silly in The Netherlands too, most of the time. Though sometimes it's really hot, not usually. But I guess not as cold as Finland.

For nagajuban with ro, I guess just to your tabi (ankle) is perfect, but I think a bit shorter is also ok, you can see in the back picture this one reaches just over half my calf. Another thing to consider might be, this nagajuban was white and it shined through the dark purple, at my butt it gave a lightning affect, not what we want, an extra big looking butt ^_^
On the other hand, the white brightened the colour, so that was a good thing...

ROTA said...

What a beautiful obi and a nice touch with that colour of obi-jime
very nice

Misuchi said...