Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Meisen again

I bought this meisen kimono from Ryujapan, I had to...
hihi. Because I love meisen and this one was big, really big.
Also, I love colours like these. Rich and bright and the big bold pattern.
Lucky for me I had this striped hanhaba obi in almost the same colour as the flowers. For me, I like it best when the kimono is very flower-y to have an abstract obi.
So, that was lucky.
The accessories are just light and easy as is the bow, as I wore it to work I like the simple knots better. Makes life more easy.
All in all I like the overall look, bold but still understated.
Too bad my employers weren't back yet, as I dress partly for them ^_^
Very partly, but if you saw her smile, you'd understand...
Oh, and I also dressed in this one when we went to the Kimono Exhibition in "De Kunsthal" but did not take pictures that time so that's why it did not show up here that time. That day I chose it because the exhibition was about Taisho kimono, this seemed appropriate...

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