Friday, 26 June 2009

Blue yukata

As the weather is so gorgeous I wanted to wear kimono again.
Yukata, more as it should be.
With no nagajuban.
But I couldn't resist the accessories.
This musubi is getting boring ha... ^_^
But it is so easy!
This blue is really nice I like it a lot.
Though the yukata is not the best quality, it is still nice

I did not want to wear a white obi again so I opted for this aqua hitoe obi, sadly, in real life the colours are a bit better... ahwel you can't have it all. This was a nice and fresh choice for the warm day it turned out to be.But I should have chosen a lighter obi-jime.
Augh, you can see my arm with hadajuban sticking out from under the sleeve...
How to prevent that? I do hope this wasn't too much the case while working... *blush*

1 comment:

Kyuukaryuko said...

The aqua obi works really well with your yukata, although a white one will be pretty also.