Sunday, 21 June 2009


My new morning glory yukata.
It's a stiff, new China made cheap yukata.
She is very nice though and the weather is still cool so yukata with underwear and all accessories is ok for now. Better for work I think then yukata just as it is, I am scared to feel "undressed" hihi.

I paired this fresh blue with fresh silver white, sayagata pattern dance hanhaba obi, I like the combination, very fresh and summer-y livened with a bright red shibory obi-age and paired with blue obi-jime, the zori are cheap soft rubber with some kind of fake tatami, which does feel nicer when it's not cold outside.

I tried the "rule" or tip from Shino about not to wear more then three colours at ones. Now my favourites, blue, white and red.
It kind off works, it makes everything very quite, but we knew that I guess.

Still, reading about it did make me think. Because kimono tend to be multi-coloured, especially the older ones. Now I do think, when wearing very bold kimono with lots of colours, you can make it either more bold by adding an obi that is very different or, calming everything down by adding an obi in the shade of the main colours found in the kimono... Let's see if I can make some "project" out of that idea.


Kyuukaryuko said...

That's a pretty yukata, looks like a kimono when you wear it like this! And that obi...

Misuchi said...

Thank you!
Yes I usually buy yukata that resemble kimono, makes them more versatile, I think. And the cotton is practical haha I am sooo Dutch.
That obi is nice ha, too chique, but he...