Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Black ro

Black ro red swirls....
This poly ro kimono I bought from Ichiroya, of course, again.
The kimono is bigger then usual, but also needs to be taken out at the arms. I sometimes think Japanese ladies just have short arms... even when the kimono is long, the wingspan is short... or we western ladies have long arms ^_^I found my ro silk hakata ori. It's just fabric *blush* not a finished obi, but this one seemed best this morning.

So, hoping not to run in to Japanese tourists today I took the change. And *phew* I didn't, no body noticed ^_^
I do not like the accessories, too white. But I could not find any really dark ro and the dark closed weaves looked way too heavy, this was my best bet. Next time I'll try harder.
It's really hard to dress in the morning, knowing you have to get to work in time, especially when the outfit wasn't put out the day before ^_^

I did get a little hot while biking to the store, but after an hour underneath the cool air blower I was ok and actually felt quit comfortable.
The nagajuban is really nice. It's ro weave silk with a bold wave pattern and really long!
I wore geta even though I thought zori would have been more fitting with this kimono... these colours where best.

Oh, and my dolly is wearing a hitoe blue meisen with dragonflies. Which I bought in Japan. Paired with a ro silk maple leave patterned obi I think she looks very cute. Her accessories are better too ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

Some things I have on my wishlist, and a ro kimono is definitely one of them, and a hakata obi also. I just love those ^_^. Dolly looks really nice too!

Misuchi said...

Dolly says thank you ^_^
Oh yes and do buy ro and hakata... always nice to have

Katie said...

Do you ride a bicycle while you're wearing kimono, or am I misunderstanding? I have ridden a bicycle before and worn kimono before, but not at the same time, and I'm having trouble imagining how it is possible, if it is.

Misuchi said...

Yes, I do.
And it's ok. It is like cycling in a tight pencil-skirt.
But, yes the kimono/yukta usually flaps open after a view minutes, especially when it is windy. So, most of the time I wear an azuma-skirt as susoyoke, these are designed for dance, to prevent showing any leg, so perfect for on the bicycle ^_^
(though in summer time I do not really mind showing legs while in the bike in kimono)