Sunday, 17 May 2009


I find it very strange that this wisteria kimono is awase, even stranger that another wisteria I have is an hitoe, the blue rain over here already past it's height, how, and when could I wear the hitoe?
Maybe in Japan the blue rain blooms later? (I can't imagine, because Japan is warmer, but... maybe a different kind?) I don't know and never mind I kind of choose this kimono as my spring kimono as I have this pattern in both awase and hitoe...
I guess the hitoe rule isn't that strong. If it's hot, wear hitoe (not that it helps)
Over here it's so cold I choose to wear kimono very often because it's perfect for this strange kind of weather. I can look as if it's spring (with colours etc.) but still feel warm ^_^

This gorgeous vintage kimono asked for a vintage obi, so I picked my black with white shibory again, this time trying very hard to get the purple flower kind of in front because it looked nice with the dark purple of the kimono.
I tied it in a kind of vintage obi bow. Yes everything collapsed on me... two bicycle rides and an 8 hour + working day did the trick.
Never mind I think it's still not embarrassingly collapsed.

The han eri is Mamechiyo's Homage to Holland Tulip, I love her! I am a bit scared to wear them as they are silk, but I feel it's also a shame to leave them in the closet and just look at them...
same goes for the kimono...


Kyuukaryuko said...

That is such a beautiful and deep purple, just stunning. And that obi.... Love it, love it, love it ^_^

Misuchi said...

Eee thank you!
Me too, as did everybody at my job. I guess wearing antiques more would be a good thing (for compliments *blush*) haha.