Monday, 18 May 2009


Red water wave pattern meisen. She was on my wall, longer then it should be there. I try not to have my kimono longer then one month as display, but I am lazy.
Today I finally took her down, in order to change her for a hitoe.
Realizing I never dressed in this kimono I had to try her on.
She's a pain!
Stiff silk and kind of small. After a short struggle I kind of succeeded.
Choosing an obi was hard too, so I went for my black with peony obi, again...
white and red obi jime and a sage green obi age (from the leaves in the obi.
The tabi are black with white clouds pattern.
I wish I had the courage to widen the sleeves, but I feel scared altering an awase kimono. Maybe some day I will...


Kyuukaryuko said...

Even though her stiffness she does look good on you.
Quick question: do you always tie your obi a bit scheef (couldn't find the english word) so that it looks like a small cross?

Misuchi said...

I think the stiffness is because of "new" "new" which of course is actually a good thing.
Yes, I do that very often. Not always though. I do it when an obi is not very wide, to balance everything (as I am considered tall in kimono world)and when a kimono and obi are very vintage. With modern kimono and obi I tend not to do so, especially when the obi is of an modern width, in that case the cross-over, tying scheef, (haha) would make it too big

xiner said...

Lovely ensemble, the colors look very good on you!

I also like the scheef tied obi ^_^