Sunday, 10 May 2009


Yesterday I should have given a kimono class, but nobody showed up, sadly. I decided anyway to dress in kimono and go spring-y.
Green with blue.
The kimono is a tsumugi and feels cool and coarse, very special. A bit too short and because of the stiffness of tsumugi, not very pliable.
I chose the blue obi because I love blue with green and the pink accessories because the hakake and sleeves are lined in pink.
The the tabi are funky yellow green and purple, the zori mustard shibory, I have no green so these where the best match I thought.
I have worn coloured tabi before and one of the language teachers told me not to do that! I thought... hu? Why not? Black is only for men she said. I blushed of course, told her sorry I knew that but thought, modern times....
I told this story to Yuka-san, from Ichiroya and she told me, black is ok now, indeed it is modern. She explained, my teacher probably was a bit older, left Japan a long time ago and still holds to the rules she learned, besides, she's my teacher (well technically she's not) but at least my elder and she's responsible for my mistakes, she at least feels responsible for me learning everything the best(proper) and right way... Well that's what Yuka-san told me, and I tend to believe her so I am back to wearing black (or coloured tabi, though still reluctantly, white seems after all best in most cases...)


Kyuukaryuko said...

That's so sad nobody came, and it was such nice weather...
You're looking stunning as always, and I agree that green and blue look very good together.

Misuchi said...

yes a huge shame! I think it's because of the early hour, and people only want things for free in this country haha, too bad.