Monday, 4 May 2009


Something different, purple flowers!
This kimono was lying in the "to sort" area, I think she's pretty sweet. Also pretty big for a vintage. The fabric is very soft and hard to handle. But I kind of managed. I am not sure about the obi, but the light colour and the blue and green appealed to me. As these shades are also in the kimono. And, it's not flowery.

Purple obi jime from the kimono and a bright orange obi age because I figured, there's a hint of orange in the kimono pattern.
Maybe the orange from the obi age would show the hint of orange more... not sure.
But it turned out all fun and spring-like.
The pattern on the kimono is three seasoned, which always strikes me as a bit odd for a vintage,but that might be stupid, not everybody can or could buy fancy season appropriate kimono. One for all awase seasons might have been enough. Makes sense.
The strange thing is, everything looked better in real live then in photo. Usual it's the other way around ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

That color purple is very beautiful!

ROTA said...

I really like this colourcombination,
very nice but a orange obi will be pretty also i think

Misuchi said...

Yes! I think orange would be very fun. Orange will be the next try then...