Monday, 27 April 2009


Bought in Japan, this fun wool road-map-like pattern. Brown and yellow are both not my colours, but this kimono is so fun and quite good sized too. It even has small sayagata pattern, which I love.
The obi was bought at the same store, kind of intended for this kimono.
Yes, tied a bit weirdly, mmm, I tied it in front and didn't turn it enough I guess, didn't see it after I saw the pictures.
Well, good lesson, always, always check your back ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

Those geometric patterns look perfect together. I love how many kimono with 'bold' patterns you have, I'm too afraid to buy those. Maybe I'll just have to try...

Misuchi said...

Ah you know... actually I am not too fond of flowery patterns. And, When I decided to wear kimono more, I discovered geometrical patterns where more versatile than flowers, season wise. So, that's kind of why. I also feel they shoot the city (modern-life) more.