Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Ikea and birds

Again, woven stripes and blue. Bought from RyuJapan. There seems to a trend in my collection...
Today I wore this to work, I usually do not wear silk, as it is a bit scary, but I also feel, all these beauties should see the day light more. I paired this Ikea blue kimono with gray and a hint of pink stripes with an antique painted obi. The obi is lighter blue with a beige brown stripe and some black, patterned with small flying birds.
I added bright yellow accessories for colour accent and then again the pink striped zori (from the pink stripes in the kimono.
First I wanted yellow zori, but that looked real weird.
I think this is quit a fun set like this. Only the han-eri, I want something different but han-eri are difficult for me, don't know why.
The funniest thing today was when I had my break and walked to Alber Heijn for something to eat, I run into a huge tourist group from Japan, of course it seems they always travel in packs. They where all ladies only two young and all the older ladies flocked around me, softly pulling my sleeve, pointing giggling, but most of all saying cute beautiful pretty, and asking if I was in japan, finally I could say: yes one time!
It was a happy encounter and I was very pleased the ladies liked it and seemed happy. Now I am just very curious what did they think? What would they tell each other later while in the tram...? Well, I had a fun 10 minutes waiting with them in line.

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Kyuukaryuko said...

The color blue in this kimono is very pretty, not too bright but richer. And I think the han-eri is cute! Little bits of blue on white are perfect!