Monday, 20 April 2009

Big hitoe stripes

This striped hitoe is surprisingly big. Look at the wing-span... It's great, one kimono more I do not need to alter. The length is also pretty ok. The stripes are big too ^_^ This being a very quiet and subdued kimono, black and grey with a purple hue, I decided again for my purple-ish tulip han-eri, the obi is a soft silk, creme with painted purple flowers. Because it's so soft it's really hard to tie, hence the wobbly taiko.

Next time, when I will actually wear this one to work, I will try harder.
For obi age I chose pink for contrast, for obi-jime I chose the colours from the kimono.
When I first started to wear kimono, I couldn't be brought to wearing anything else but obi age obi jime sets, but now I like to play with different colours.
Though, pink would have been nice too.
Zori are of course, pink and black.


Kyuukaryuko said...

Another beautyful kimono, and very pretty obi. My words of compliments are running out with each post of your new kimono and obi ^_^
Looking forward to saterday. Still deciding which kimono I'm going to wear...

Misuchi said...

haha, yes it's starting to get awkward ne?

Oh so the two of you are comming in kimono then? how wonderful! I will dress-up too then for support.