Sunday, 19 April 2009

Black and flowers

Sweet black kimono with woven flowers in red, purple and grey.
No idea what the flowers are, but I think they are very nice. This kimono is like most woven ones very nice to wear, not slippery at all, that makes it easy. Because the pattern was quite busy to me I chose this very quiet pink striped obi and to brighten the whole a bit, the tulip han eri I bought from Mamechiyo. Lucky for me I even had striped pink zori ^_^ sadly, no lavender purple obi jime, well, you cant have it all can you.
The yuban sleeves stick out very weirdly, no idea why, if I had gone out in this kimono I would have pinned them out of the way, usually that works quite well.

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Kyuukaryuko said...

Oohhh, I love it! The pink obi is perfect for this kimono, makes it nice and quiet. And I really like your han eri.