Monday, 17 November 2008


Fabric shopping in Morocco.
No, I went on a holiday for two weeks imperial city's of Morocco. I had a wonderful time... looking, walking drinking tea.
Shopping, I bought mainly fabrics. I saw all these women in gorgeous and funky yellaba (the outer hooded dress commonly worn by both man and women in a large part of Northern Africa).
Most ladies I saw where dressed far from traditional. Although the yellaba is very traditional, the patterns and colours where just wild. I bought 5 fabrics to try and make Moroccan inspired kimono. It might be a bit hard because the fabric is very soft and flow-y;
I also bought three ready made yellaba to float around the house in. The black with red flowers i am wearing, forgive the bloated look, I am a bit stuffed because a kimono is underneath it..
And I fell for Fulah!
Barbie's little sister from Morocco. She's cute in her dress with pants and head scarf and accessories... She's great inspiration.

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Kyuukaryuko said...

So you had a good vacation? Good to hear and read! The yellaba you're wearing is very pretty. I hope it all works out to make Moroccan-inspired kimono!