Monday, 24 November 2008

Autumn day

Outside it was snowing and very cold... I wanted to do kitsuke and picked my "new" kimono filled with maple in purple and funky green, highlighted with creamy white and green bridges.

While dressing I hadn't decided on the obi yet and my eye fell on an embroidered nagoya obi, black with embroidery of a little house and a bridge in fall colours.
I was a bit afraid the black would be too hard and the house and bridge a bit too match-y - match-y with the kimono pattern, but looking at the whole picture I think it is ok. It is kind of fun like telling a story about crossing bridges to get home (while it's very cold outside)

The obi jime and age are causing me a bit of trouble. I would have liked a bit more deep orange (bright) more like the hakake lining of the kimono, but I think the softer I own does look ok, it also might be better because it softens the whole a bit. Brighter might make it clash. Now it is ok as the orange yellow picks up the orange and yellow that are in the obi.

Seeing the pictures I am glad I didn't go out in this kituke, the nagajuabn sleeves are a bit too short and stick out, a lot!
And there is an unsightly crease in the obi, it needs ironing... later.

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Kyuukaryuko said...

That's a nice and bright kimono, and the combination with the obi looks good I think. Also with the obi jime and ago, I agree with you on the color, brighter may clash.