Monday, 27 October 2008

"Problem" Kimono

Not really... I love this kimono, she's sweet and bright and gives somewhat of a '60's feel. But... How to coordinate her?
The silver obi looked nice in theory, on the table, but dressed up I didn't like it any more.
The Mamechiyo Tulip Haneri I think is fun because it is stylized too, but does add something flowery to the abstract pattern.

But the obi...
Next I added a black with pink details, but it's also not what I am looking for
Maybe a hot pink would be good or a dark blue, or a creamy pink like the han eri... .

I will be very happy with any suggestion for this kimono!


Kyuukaryuko said...

That's a nice kimono, and I think the tulip haneri is sweet!
The black obi looks a bit purple, but I think this looks good with the kimono. And I know it's a ro obi, but maybe the light purple ro obi (no 63 in your flickr obi set)???

xiner said...

The kimono is gorgeous! The tulip haneri definitely looks good with it. How about getting an orange (hanhaba) obi?