Sunday, 14 December 2008

Candy Stripes

Finally I can call myself the happy owner of Mamechiyo's Candy Stripe kimono.
It's a large and fits me great! Again, it is so wonderful to dress in a good sized kimono!
With the kimono (which is a replica from an antique kimono in Mamechiyo's private collection...) I also bought the bright red with white dots nagajuban, black geta and lavender zori.
Everything is just so gorgeous! I bought the bright red nagajuban because I thought it would be nice to add this brightness to the subdued kimono as it is an antique replica and that is what kimono wearers did in the old days.
I received everything last week and finally dressed up in this wonderful luxurious kimono nagajuban set, after sewing a big black han eri with red under layer to it (which was a pain because I really loath sewing, it's a shame really)
Then I added clean white tabi, my home made tulip obi because I like it so much with red accessories, I think they make a festive look.
The black get a are extremely painful, but so gorgeous! Sadly the lavender zori didn't look so nice with this set. Maybe when I try this with another obi they will be ok.
Sadly my pictures didn't turn out right, made a mistake with the setting.... pfff.... I have to do everything over now, but I am too cranky, it's a miracle I even got the kimono on with all my crankiness ^_^


Nanohana said...

Wonderful outfit! I love Mamechiyo's striped kimono, and I love your homemade tulip obi aswell ^__^ I think they made a lovely matching together. And very mamechiyo-style!
I've tried to make my own homemade obi, but the interfacing always give lots of problems to me.(too soft, it looks sloppy)

Please, forgive me my indiscretion, but, how have you managed to buy at Mamechiyo's store from abroad? I read in an interview she didn't make international sales, and her English page seems to be disabled.

Misuchi said...

Thank you so much!

For interfacing I use something that's called turbunaise ( do not really know how to spell it) I think it is something that is used as interfacing for collars and than the strongest type, it works well enough. (very stiff woven linen for painting, works too)

The items from Mamechiyo where brought to me by a friend, I had them shipped to his hotel in Tokio.

kimonosa said...

ohhh! Your kitsuke is so lovely! I like very much stripes! I have a bolt with stripes I would made a kimono, but I so dificult I will more practise!

xiner said...

Wow that kimono is just great! It looks very good on you, the size is just perfect. The pattern is also very elegant!

Kyuukaryuko said...

Ooh, I like that one, and she looks very good on you! Too bad Mamechiyo doesn't ship to Europe.
I'll try and email you this week, been busy with traveljournal and of course photoalbum...